Wednesday, March 25, 2015


This year for our friend Keith's birthday, his fiance Eileen arranged for 24 of us to enjoy a night at TopGolf, a new upscale golf, food and drink venue in Brandon, Florida.  We had a ball.  Get it??

Eileen ordered these awesome goodies for the party.  

Monday, March 23, 2015

Back Yard Renovation

Zach has wanted an outdoor kitchen since the beginning of time, and now we're getting one!  Work is well under way and it should be finished by mid-April - in time for The Masters (golf tourney- very important).

If you haven't already seen it, this was our back yard when we moved into our current house.  Note the yucky fence and pink pavers.  The pavers were sunken in places, creating puddles when it rained.

We painted the fence right away and recently replaced the pink pavers with these red brick beauties.

See this lovely particleboard wall connecting the house to the garage - I mean man room?  The previous owner had a wrought iron gate here.  She took it with her when she moved out (along with everything else, including the doorbell, flush kits, sink drains and light fixtures) and the bank replaced it with this eyesore.  We are SO happy to have this thing gone.

This is the wall now - it is a work in progress.  We're pretty excited about it.

Up next?  A grill, green egg, sink and bar sitting area.  I'm excited to see the finished look!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Down Time

Bella is sooo over Breaking Bad.  Zach and I finally started watching the Breaking Bad series.  All of you who told us how good it is?  You know your television.  We are obsessed.  Bella disagrees:


Happy Friday!  I hope you have a great weekend.  We are looking forward to celebrating our friend Keith's birthday at Top Golf Saturday night.  

Here's Zach and his buddies Nick Nass and Doug Goldin hanging out last weekend.  We hit up Bizou, a fancy restaurant in downtown Tampa, and then had a post-dinner drink with these two out-of-town friends.  It was great seeing these guys.  

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Origami Mysteries

One day a few weeks ago, I arrived at my office to find a purple origami crane on my desk, made from a post-it note.  The next day, the green guy joined him.  I asked around about who was making these cuties and I joked with the guy across the hall from me that all I needed was a nest and some eggs.  Monday?  BOOM I arrived to find a small nest and eggs on my desk, with the cranes on top.  The  guy across the hall fessed up to bringing the nest and eggs, but no one admitted to making the cranes.  Last week, someone dropped off the two tiny baby birds you see below.  It turns out that about four others in the office have also received origami cranes.  We still don't know who is making them, but it's a fun office mystery!  

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Gasparilla Arts Festival and Good Food

These are fish sandwiches Zach recently NAILED.  He made the coleslaw from scratch with veggies, lime, mayo, cilantro and apparently magic.  These were outstanding.

We recently tried a relatively new pub in Tampa called Mermaid Tavern.  It had good food and craft beer, but we were annoyed that they had a first come first served seating arrangement, causing people to have to stalk tables.  The place was very busy, so apparently people don't mind too much.

We went to the Gasparilla Arts Festival for the first time this year.  Artists nationwide set up booths for the weekend to sell their art in Curtis Hixon Park in downtown Tampa.  Saturday poured, so Sunday was a muddy mess, but we braved the mud and saw some gorgeous pieces.  Almost bought a couple, but ultimately decided against it.  This Louis V love picture was pretty funny.

Exhibit A: Mud + Art Enthusiasts

Sam's Birthday 2015

Here are just a few of the girls who made it out for Samantha's birthday.  :)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lights On Tampa Bay 2015

Hello Tampa, you beautiful city.  Zach and I recently visited Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park to check out some light-based art installations.  We loved seeing the lights and enjoying local food and drink vendors.  Then we hit up our friend Sam's birthday celebration with friends.  

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Gasparilla Music Festival 2015

This year's Gasparilla Music Festival was Tampa's best yet.  Much horsing around was had.  Zach's high school buddy Nick stayed with us for the weekend and I'm pretty sure we showed him a good time.  Check out this overabundance of proof of the fun we had.

This just looked so festivally, I had to snap a photo of these strangers.

Shannon and Ryan - such a gorgeous couple.

Shannon and me - doing the skinny arm

Then this happened

These two made fast friends.

This isn't a "good" picture, but I thought it came out kinda cool.