Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas!!  Wishing you all a beautiful day.  

 One of our neighbors put up these bags on Christmas Eve last year to light the way for Santa to land his sleigh.  Great idea for all those families with kids.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Introducing Our Newest Family Member, Penelope Glaser

Introducing Penelope Glaser, our newest addition! 

Penelope is a Goldendoodle, she is 12 weeks old today.  Her arrival was unexpected, but we could not be happier to have her.  The story is a fun one that we will never forget - and it landed us in the newspaper.

We went with another couple to a Make-a-Wish Foundation fundraiser, the 20th Annual Night of the Iguana.  At those events they generally have a live auction and a silent action, and they generally auction off a puppy. 

Zach has always wanted a Goldendoodle, but when we first saw the puppy, he insisted we would NOT be purchasing a puppy at the auction that night.  We talked about it with our friends and he said maybe if we just bid to a certain amount, we wouldn't win her, since usually puppies at Make-a-Wish fundraisers go for way more than we would want to pay.  Fast-forward to an hour later when the auction began.  We were at the back of the room, the event workers had handed out light-up foam cylinders to help people bid so that the auctioneer could see people across the huge room.  Zach starts waiving his foam cylinder and the two of us rush toward the auctioneer to see how the bidding is going, not realizing there were not many bidders, and before we knew it, the auctioneer was pointing to Zach yelling, "SOLD!" The lights quickly spotlighted on Zach and he was surrounded by cameras.  One of the cameras live-posted a video of Zach's face on a huge screen at the back of the room and I can tell you - he looked shocked.  Someone quickly handed Zach the puppy and people started asking him what he would name her.  He blurted out, "Penelope?" and I agreed it was the perfect name. 

The rest of the night Zach filled out paperwork while our friends and I played with Penelope in a back room and discussed all the things we would have to do to prepare for Penelope's grand arrival at our house.  Comically, we took her home in an Uber and she met Brinkley and Bella at around 1:00 AM.  P's time at our house so far has been fun-filled and very busy.  Brinkley is jealous and she has acted out a bit, but Bella has been very sweet and playful with P.

Unfortunately, Penelope was donated by a dog store that our vet told us is notorious for selling sick puppies - and she has been riddled with sickness since we got her.  The vet found a stomach worm, which requires weeks of treatments, and he has her on antibiotics for what looks like the dog version of a bad cold.  It has been hard getting P to eat enough, the vet thinks it's because of the worm and the cold.  But she is very playful, obedient (for the most part) and loving.  She loves Brinkley and Bella, she loves us and she loves the strangers (human and dog) she meets on her walks!  It's too cute.  She has also quickly gotten the hang of the dog door (she uses it all the time) and she goes potty outside regularly.  Now we are just struggling to get her to eat more, to get her well again and to get Brinkley to warm up to her.  Now, for some gratuitous puppy pictures!

She is such a snuggle bug. 

A friend of ours gave us this dog costume years ago and I couldn't wait for Halloween to try it out.  It may not fit by the time Halloween arrives!

We nicknamed her P or Sweet Pea. 

We look forward to making memories with this little cutie and watching her grow.  And although we did not plan to go home with a puppy that night, we are happy to donate to a wonderful cause and to help some sick children's wishes come true. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Eileen's Bachelorette Party, Part II

On the second day of Eileen's bachelorette party, we hit up the pool for some R&R before dinner at Juvia, a rooftop restaurant with a beautiful view, and then we bought a table at LIV, so we could drink all we wanted and have our own space while we listened to tunes by Arty.  Saturday night was neon night, hence the bright dresses.  And now, the photos!

L to R: Me, Trista, Raija, Eileen, Sam, Shannon, Jeri, Jennifer, Jackie, Ashley, Kristen and April

Jeri.  Jeri met Eileen in law school at Stetson.

Raija and Jackie.  These two met Eileen in college at the University of Florida.

Kristen and April, who met Eileen at Stetson.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Eileen's Bachelorette Party, Part I

I recently attended my friend Eileen's bachelorette party in South Miami Beach and it was a massive success.  Five of us arrived Thursday to start the trip out on a relaxing note, and the bach party officially began on Friday with Wynwood Walls and brunch at the Edition Hotel (Eileen is pictured there below).  Then we had some free time before Eileen's lingerie shower, dinner at Cleo and drinks afterward at SLS Hotel.  Here are a few shots from the first day and night.

Here's the group (sans April, who arrived Saturday) at Cleo.

We purchased a bed by the Shore Club pool and had poolside drinks and snacks.  I bought my first one piece (!) for the occasion.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tips for a Next Level Lingerie Shower

I recently organized my gorgeous friend Eileen's bachelorette party in Miami Beach, as you know if you've been following.  One of the highlights was her lingerie shower.  Here are my tips for throwing a top-notch lingerie shower.  

First, don't try to handle it all on your own.  Assign tasks to the other girls.  They will want to help and they will have special skills that you may not have.  For example, my friend Trista offered to help and she has the skills of attention to detail and experience throwing parties.  She agreed to make goodie bags and other favors for the girls.  She picked the below black glitter bags with pink foil packaging, Chandon Rose (the bachelorette loves sparking rose), Patron, glitter bombs for us to launch at the nightclub, snack bars and neon accessories for our neon night later that weekend.  

Our friend Shannon offered to help and she is awesome at crafting.  She agreed to handle the panty poem (google it), which you will hear more about soon.  She absolutely nailed it.  There were several other girls who wanted to help, so everyone chipped in by purchasing a pair of panties for the panty poem.

Oh - and one of the most key elements is that someone should take pictures!

I handled a few things, like the champagne, the decor and the champagne fountain.  The allegedly heart-shaped balloons were a bust - get it? - they looked more like balloons with nipples than hearts, and many of them popped before we were able to set them up.  Still, they looked festive alongside the lingerie gifts:

The gold streamers and black and gold tablecloths paired well with Trista's gift bags

Trista's gorgeous gift bags.  Those are the glitter bombs.

Shannon's impressive panty poem arrangement and Trista's "naughty thoughts" set-up:

 The beautiful Eileen:

Trista's custom cookies:

Treats in Trista's gift bags:

Here were the key elements of the lingerie shower:
  • Decorations
  • Champagne
  • The panty poem
  • Gift bags with next-day items like Advil, Emergen C, snacks and booze
  • Snacks and chocolate-covered strawberries
  • A champagne fountain
  • Naughty thoughts everyone wrote and added to a box for Eileen to enjoy later
  • Picture-taking, which I later made into an album for Eileen

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April Poolside

April is one of those months I feel so lucky to live in Florida.  The weather is ideal for poolside relaxation and soaking up Vitamin D.  Everything is in bloom and it hasn't become oppressively hot.  

A friend of mine snapped this picture, and then I snapped the one below it.  I wish you equally beautiful weather!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Versace's Mansion

Have you heard of Versace's mansion on Ocean Drive in South Beach?  After Versace's death, his mansion became a hotel, then a restaurant, then another restaurant ad nauseum.  For the first night in Miami, Trista, Jennifer, me and Shannon (left to right below) had dinner at Versace's mansion.  It exceeded my expectations with ornate and beautiful decor.  Service was good, servings were small and company was good.  Afterward we hit up a hip hotel bar for an aperitif before bed.  No sense tiring ourselves out before the beautiful Eileen's bachelorette weekend officially started!  More to come on that.  :)  

Friday, April 8, 2016

Wynwood Walls

Last weekend I had the pleasure of checking out Wynwood Walls, an outdoor art installation in downtown Miami, Florida featuring some of the world's greatest street artists.  I was in awe of the skill and creativity these folks displayed.  Check out some of the amazing artwork and stop by some time for a visit if you're in town!  There's also a restaurant and gift shop, in case you'd like a break from the Miami heat. 

I look forward to going back.  Happy Friday and have a great weekend!